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Dow adhesive offers sustainable solutions for new photovoltaic and solar backplane materials

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Philadelphia, Sep.14, 2009 - Dow Chemical's Dow Adhesive and Functional Polymer will participate in the forthcoming photovoltaic solar energy exhibition on Sep. 21 ~ 24, 2009 in Hamburg, Germany. Dow expects its high-performance adhesives, able to meet the changing needs of the evolving backplane applications, will certainly attract a lot of attention. B.K. Sethuram, the direct of Dow industrial complex and thermal technology global business said: “We will demonstrate Adcote™ series of adhesives and introduce our study results of solvent-free adhesive in backplane applications.” He stressed Dow is not only the leading supplier of the global adhesives for PV applications, but also a pioneer actively engaged in the development of advanced environmental technology. “We want to take this opportunity to introduce the outstanding contributions made by Dow, such as superior performance of adhesives in new backplane underlayer production, and material innovation to change the industry by the solar cell liquid packing materials.” The energy the Sun emits every hour is more than that the global energy consumption. Dow combines services and products, uses the seemingly limitless solar energy to meet the needs of this dynamic industry.

In recent years, the photovoltaic industry has grown rapidly. While the PV manufacturing plants are expanding, more new technologies have been put into applications. For example, to address the recent shortage of polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) backplane film, manufacturers are now using a new composite structure. Although this underlying material is more difficult to bond, but it is found that Dow Adcote™ series of high-performance adhesives have superior durability, which has been fully confirmed in solar energy applications. Adcote™ series adhesives have all the sustainable features required for the successful manufacture of durable backplane, including: lasting durability, tolerance to withstand harsh weather conditions, light resistance, strong adhesion to conglutinate the challenging underlying materials, as well as adaptability to extreme temperature changes. Dow also plans to launch a high-performance 100% all-solid solvent-free adhesive in the near future to further improve the environmental performance of solar modules.

Dow invests a lot in the entire PV value chain, is actively engaged in all areas of this market, and develops materials for backplane, film, solar cell and solar panel. And a wide range of government stimulus policies such as renewable energy projects, tax rebates, tax credits, sustainable building law and the enforced PV grid parity are hoped to further develop the expanding photovoltaic and solar markets at full speed. In this regard, Mr. Sethuram said: “Our investment is of important significance for photovoltaic grid consumers and off-grid power suppliers in developing countries. Solar technology has been applied in 81 countries, but still, 2 billion people are in the state of power shortage, thus the photovoltaic technology is the most popular choice with the lowest cost.”

Edward C. Greer, General Manager of Dow Emerging Technologies Business Development and Commercialization, said: “We are constantly committed to product innovation to help our customers improve the energy conversion efficiency, reduce unit cost of power generation, realize the solar energy grid parity, and extend the service life of solar modules. We look forward to presenting our exciting efforts on R&D, e.g., the innovative liquid packing system for seal and protect the photovoltaic system.”

Dow provides clients with a variety of resources, including the worldwide timely on-site support, and the company-developed trial coating machine help clients effectively in the development, test and mass production of new composite process. Dr. Sethuram pointed out that these resources also included the assessment on cost-saving measures under the exploration. Today China is the world's largest photovoltaic manufacturing center, and Japan ranks top 3 in photovoltaic power generation capacity. Dow is planning to meet the Asian market with higher PV needs by the newly-established Shanghai Dow Center. Welcome to go.rohmhaas.com/DowPVAdhesives for more details.

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